Frequently asked questions

A Sales Playbook is a sales engagement framework. It’s a comprehensive collection of your sales strategy, methodology, process, and sales content, to equip your sales team with a proven sales approach that can be applied on a daily basis.

A Sales Playbook helps you as a sales leader to create a common sales language, culture, and approach to selling. Through helping your sales team in applying best practices they continuously improve and outsell the competition. The key is that your salespeople can rely on a proven approach so they stop chasing the wrong deals, or losing deals they should have won.

  • Sales people constantly improvising due to lack of a standardized process
  • Constantly reminding sales people of best practices they should already know, but forget
  • Long Sales Cycles, because there is no strategy to accelerate cycles
  • Low Conversion rates of opportunities, because there is no strategy in place to increase control of opportunities

A Sales Playbook consists of at least the following parts:

  • Target Market, Ideal Customer Profile
  • Value Proposition, Unique and Relevant Customer benefits
  • Sales Philosophy and Strategy
  • Defined Sales Process
  • Sales Methodology for each part of the process
  • Sales Objectives, Metrics and Measurement
  • Sales Pitch, Competitive Positioning, Objection Handling, Negotiation
  • Company story, Customer Stories, Reference Cases

The KPIs will be specific to your customized Sales Playbook, however some general examples include:

  • Emails, calls
  • Demos, meetings
  • Presentations, proposals

Most customers already have a process in place and bits of content that are used. The challenge however is that the process is so broadly defined that it doesn’t enable salespeople to sell better and the content is often badly organized, not updated, and incomplete. Customers usually are so busy with the daily operation, that in spite of such a project being of high importance, they simply lack time to properly create a sales playbook. A partner will continuously work with you to curate the content and help you implement the best sales framework possible. The playbook process is never finished since its content is always added, updated, and improved.

Whether you’re part of a huge multinational corporation or a startup that’s just begun, sales playbooks are useful for companies of all shapes and sizes.