How it works

Since we partner with customers as a Sales Playbook-as-a-Service, we believe in a process of working together to ensure the Sales Playbook is created, launched, and well-maintained. This way customers can rely on a partner that doesn’t only get the job done, but also ensures key learnings are continuously processed and included in numerous updates. No market, product, or sales environment stays the same. Our process ensures complete flexibility to continue to deliver and stay highly relevant for your salespeople and therefore ultimately your customers.

1 Kick-off

Defining your ultimate Sales Playbook
1.1 Introduction Project Team & Your Playbook Project Manager

The project will be kicked-off with the team on your side and one of our project managers.

1.2 Determining Scope Sales Playbook

As every Sales Playbook focuses on different areas. The first part to define is the actual scope of the Sales Playbook.

1.3 Aligning Timelines Deliverables

This step determines what parts of the playbook are launched according to mutually agreed timelines.

2 Content curation & Sales analysis

Finding & Evaluating Existing Sales Content
2.1 Sharing Content Capture Template

We will send an extensive template that will help you deliver existing content for us to repurpose.

2.2 Guiding Content Curation Process

During this step, we will walk you through all existing content and evaluate the quality and usability of the content.

2.3 Setting Up Interviews with Key Stakeholders

To get multiple perspectives and buy-in interviews will be scheduled with key stakeholders.

Analyzing current Sales Engagement
2.4 Analysis Sales Process & Deal Flow

The Sales Process and deal flow will be analyzed to extract best practices and gather new insights.

2.5 Listening to Customer Conversations

This part we listen to live customer conversations to observe sales behavior to identify repeatable parts & gaps.

2.6 Interviewing Successful Sales People

By interviewing the best Sales People we can discover successful smart tactics and sales engagement that could be shared.

3 Content development & continuous improvement

Start Developing Sales Playbook
3.1 Developing Sales Content

We use existing content and improve or add content with all the gathered insights.

3.2 Customer Acceptance Content

This step content is present to the client for acceptance to ensure quality is met.

3.3 Launching 1st version Sales Playbook

According to set scope, timelines and deliverables the 1st version of the Playbook is presented to the sales team.

Continuous Improvement
3.4 Collect Feedback from Management & Users

A Sales Playbook that is used often always receives feedback on how to make it greater and better. All feedback is collected and used for future releases.

3.5 Measure results & impact

A Sales Playbook always has a lot of impact on the process and quality of sales. This step it is continuously measured how parts of the playbook are adopted and what the impact is.

3.6 Modify Content & Update Sales Playbook

This ongoing step is for all future releases of the playbook where new chapters are released and existing parts are updated and improved.