Sales Playbook

Every Sales Playbook is different since every sales team is in a different market, maturity phase, and competitive environment. A Sales Playbook focuses on what the team needs most to scale sustainable improvement. Our unique subscription model, allows you to choose to start with the Playbook Foundation package or complete it with the Playbook Expansion package.

Playbook Foundation – all the sales playbook basics every sales team should rely on to engage with prospects and customers, equipped and enabled.

Playbook Expansion – extending with specific categories such as KPI’s, sales engagement outlines, including templates & CRM best practices.

Playbook Foundation

  • What is our mission, vision & purpose
  • What is our value proposition
  • What is our vision on selling
  • What is our goal for this and next year
  • Market insight
  • Market opportunity
  • Key market trends
  • Our Market
  • What is our corporate story
  • What are our main customer success stories
  • ICP (Ideal Customer Profile)
  • Who are our main customers
  • What are our main customer segments
  • Who are the Buying Persona’s we deal with
  • How does the buying process looks like
  • Who are our main competitors
  • How do we position ourselves against competition
  • What is our competitive strategy per competitor
  • How do we generate Leads
  • What are the main qualification criteria in lead phase
  • How are leads assigned to sales
  • How do we follow up on leads
  • What is the process we follow
  • Qualification criteria per sales phase
  • How long should each phase per opportunity take
  • What are the main objections per phase
  • What is our sales strategy
  • How do we reach trust & commitment
  • How do we accelerate sales cycles
  • How do we apply Multi-level Selling
  • Which problems do we solve
  • Which questions do we ask
  • What needs & wants do we uncover

Playbook Expansion

  • The perfect pitch
  • Examples objection handling
  • The perfect sales call
  • The perfect sales meeting
  • The perfect sales demo
  • The perfect sales presentation
  • The perfect negotiation
  • What are our main KPI’s (calls, meetings, customer satisfaction)
  • What are the monthly, quarterly, annual targets
  • What is our customer success philosophy
  • How do we reach low customer churn & high customer satisfaction
  • How do reach our cross- & upsell targets

Best practices using CRM

  • Smart shortcuts to find great leads
  • Smart shortcuts to shorten sales cycles
  • Smart ways to reach Sr. Decision Makers

Sales Messaging through E-mail, LinkedIn, Whatsapp