3 Ways to implement a Sales Strategy Inside Your Sales Process

Sales without strategy lacks impact, and without a clearly defined process you simply cannot sell properly.

Most sales organizations have many established steps: from generating leads with SQL’s and MQL’S  to discovery calls, demos and negotiations.

But these are all standard elements of the sales process – surely they do not make a big difference, especially compared to exceptional selling skills, phenomenal charisma or beautiful interactions with clients.

Well, the truth is they can actually make a huge difference, but only if you inject a powerful sales strategy into them.

Here are 3 ways you can implement a sales strategy inside your sales process:

Implementing a sales strategy

Number 1Define your moments of magic

Moments of magic are points in your process where you can truly dazzle your clients, showing them exactly how working with you will change the way they do things. In these moments, you can decide how to deliver your pitch in a way that will set you apart from your competition.

Ultimately, these are the moments that will determine whether or not an opportunity advances or not.

Number 2:  Moments of Truth 

A moment of truth is when your client is on the verge of making a decision when they begin to justify whether or not they want to sign a deal with you.

In these moments, you need to present a compelling business case that definitively demonstrates the outstanding value you are securing for them.

Number 3: Buyer Journey Alignment

You need to know where, when, and how to include the proper stakeholders in your discussion. This means addressing the right pain points; seeing which lines interest them most, and knowing when to show exactly what you can do to improve your sales strategy.

You can pre-define your specific process to an expected customer journey: almost every customer goes through predictable steps prior to making a decision. And knowing how you are going to help your client through this journey makes all the difference.

Simply put, you need to define the ideal steps of your sales process and master them in such a way that working with you creates an entirely different buying experience compared to dealing with others.

When you don’t have a strict sales strategy process, clients are inclined to dictate their own, and usually, their own process is chaotic and has a lot of pitfalls.  But if you define your process very powerfully, you will find that your client is more than eager to follow the process that helps them make the best buying decisions.

Sales process strategy

As you can see, injecting sales strategy into your sales process is a true game-changer. Salesplaybook.pro has years of experience in creating and injecting these strategies into our clients’ sales processes to design the proper commercial blueprints they need in order to set themselves apart from your competition.

If you’d like to be one of them, please check out and download our guide – we are always here to help you.

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